Jenny Yoon ’19 realized passion for classical Spanish guitar


Jenny Yoon ’19 visits a music museum in Spain to learn more about classical Spanish guitar. Printed with permission of Jenny Yoon ’19

Alex Goldstein

While Jenny Yoon ’19 grew up with a background in classical music, through HWGo! this summer she was exposed to a different style of music: classical Spanish guitar.

Yoon has played the clarinet for eight years and will take AP Music Theory this year.

“During my AP Spanish class last year, I started to become more interested in Spanish culture,” Yoon said. “I felt like classical Spanish guitar music was a topic that I wanted to explore further on my own.”

Yoon was awarded the Latin American and Iberian Studies Fellowship through HWGo! and decided to research the classical Spanish guitar. This style of guitar is prevalent in southern Spain, so Yoon traveled through Sevilla, Málaga and Barcelona.

“This music has a powerful background of pain, loss and healing,” Yoon said. “It was incredible to have a chance to even observe and study this in Spain alongside traditional Spanish guitarists and music historians.”