Students tour club booths at Activities Fair

Jake Saferstein

Students roamed the quad and signed up for clubs at Activities Fair Sept. 15 during break.

The 66 clubs each tried to attract sign-ups by displaying posters and handing out treats such as candy, cookies and ice cream cones.

Clubs presenting at the fair ranged from athletic clubs, like Boxing Club and Hiking Club, to Math and Science clubs, like Computer Hardware Club and Finance and Investing Club, to outreach clubs like Bake a Difference and Helping Hands.

“I’m really happy that we got a lot of sign-ups at Activities Fair,” Branden Kim ’15, co-head of the H-W Ultimate Club, said. “Even though there is no commitment, I’m still looking forward to a big turnout when we play Frisbee.”

In addition to clubs, six student organizations had tables to allow sign-ups and make announcements: H-W Works, KHWS, Peer Support, Prefect Council, Student Alumni and Yearbook.

Prefect Council, which hosted the event, also sent prefect Jackson Beavers around in a costume that read “Jack in the suggestion box” to take suggestions.

“I totally enjoyed that,” Beavers said, despite the costume.

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