Keila McCabe ’20 teaches art in the Dominican Republic


Keila McCabe ’20 poses with her art students in the Dominican Republic. Credit: Keila McCabe/Chronicle

Lindsay Wu

To share her passion for art, Keila McCabe ’20 taught children’s workshops in Consuelo, Dominican Republic for eight days while on her HWGo! Latin America and Iberian Studies Fellowship this summer.

While abroad, McCabe worked in a baseball academy, where she interacted daily with the local children.  In addition, McCabe collected and donated art supplies.

“I think it is really important for all kids to have access to art materials and creative expression,” McCabe said.  “I also wanted to immerse myself in a new culture and practice my Spanish speaking skills even more. And, I wanted to find something where I could share my interests with kids.”

As part of her project, McCabe created a documentary and a blog, which will be shown next week during assembly.

McCabe said she is grateful to have created a new family of people in the Dominican Republic.

“I feel so fortunate that Harvard Westlake allowed me to have this journey,” McCabe said.  “I definitely feel very happy with my experience. After teaching the art workshops every kid and adult there would come up and say thank you to me, and it felt very fulfilling to see that they enjoyed art as much as I do.”