Students volunteer at Bethune Middle School


Students paint signs as part of the clean up process at Bethune Middle School. Credit: Printed with permission of Jackie Klein (Andrew Klein ’18)

Sofia Heller

Nearly 100 members of the school community helped to clean up the Bethune Middle School campus by painting, sorting and gardening Jan. 27.

The HW Parents Community Service program organized the event in partnership with Bethune and Big Sunday, an outreach organization that aims to “beautify” schools. Students from both school communities worked together to complete the project.

Students also donated college sweatshirts, clothing and khakis to the Bethune school store.

Bethune’s Vice President of Student Government Natalie Garcia kicked off the event by advising students to use the day as a unifying force.

“In [a] time of great division, we need common projects to bring us together,” Garcia said. “Today is such a day. Don’t make today’s event just about cleaning and painting; make it about meeting new people, sharing stories, and having fun.”

Ari Shooshani ’18 said she found the event very rewarding.

“It was really satisfying to actually see real progress in beautifying the school,” Shooshani said. “Also, since it was done through our school, I got to do it with my friends, and I think it became less of an obligation, but more of a fun thing to do.”