Air + Style Preview (Photo Album and Articles soon to come)


Musical artist Zedd in Stockholm (Printed with permission of Air and Style Festival)


L.A. will join Beijing and Sydney in hosting the Air and Style festival March 34. Created by Shaun White, the festival features snowboarders competing on a custom ramp, paint/graffiti artists, and music artists performing to an audience all night long.

Sarah Wilen ’19 attended the event last year, where she saw many famous music artists, including Major Lazer, Flume and St. Lucia.

“Air and Style was an incredible multi-faceted festival. So much was going on at the same time — snowboarders, artists, and music creators, all for the price of one ticket!” Wilen said. “It was honestly the best time of my life!”

The event will be at the LA Expo park with musicians, including Zedd, Phoenix, Mura Masa, Tinashe and more. Visit for more information. 

Stay tuned for more pictures in the post festival article!