All aboard: English classes go whale watching


English III Honors students look for whales onboard the historic ship, the America. Credit: Sofia Heller/Chronicle

Sofia Heller

English III Honors classes traveled to San Diego for a whale-watching excursion in order to relate to their current novel “Moby Dick” on April 11.

Students from classes taught by Malina Mamigonian and Charles Berezin had the option of participating in the sailing trip to better understand Herman Melville’s classic novel about obsession and revenge.

The students set sail on an 1851 replica of the ship The America with the boat tour agency Next Level Sailing.

Before boarding the ship, students had the opportunity to visit the Maritime Museum of San Diego where they explored other historic ships, such as the Star of India and the Berkeley.

“I thought it was very cool to finally see a ship kind of like the one we were reading about, so we were able to relate it to what we were learning in class,” Isabella Yanover ’19 said. “It’s not that often that you get to see what you’re learning about in the classroom, especially with whales, and seeing the whales in person was really cool.”