Cheer to transition to dance squad

William Mallory

Starting next year, HW Cheer will transition into HW Spirit, a new program without stunts that solely focuses on dances.

After the shift, the team will be able to concentrate on dance routines without worrying about stunting injuries. Squad member Ammorette Marcus ’20 is enthusiastic about the adjustment as it will allow her to improve her dancing skills.

“I’m excited for the change,” Marcus said. “I think it will be better to focus more on the dancing, as I personally enjoy dancing more.”

In the wake of a few injuries over the last couple years, Rachel Grode ’19 said she hopes the elimination of stunts will increase the group’s safety and prevent future injuries.

“As a team, we have had so many injuries related to stunting, so eliminating it will definitely help because safety is always first,” Grode said. “I think that our dances have always been the main point of focus, so now that we get to devote more energy to them, they will only be better.”

The name change suggests a shift back to old traditions, as HW Spirit was the team’s original name until they switched to HW Cheer a few years ago. Although Grode said she she feels like the name switch is beneficial in establishing a fresh start, the team’s identity and work ethic is what matters most.

“Regardless of the team name or tasks, every member of the team is going to continue working just as hard as if there weren’t any changes,” Grode said. “However, now that we do have the changes, it brings a new experience to the team and I’m really excited to see how it all goes.”