Moore says, ‘every day [was] a new experience’

Lucas Gelfond

Performing arts teacher Christopher Moore will be leaving the school this year to what he describes as “semi-retire” in Ashland, Ore. shortly after graduation.

In his 26 years at the school, Moore produced student productions and the annual Playwrights Festival. He said the festival was memorable for him because it is so unique for a high school.

“Everyday is a new experience, and I’m sure that’s the way every teacher feels, but for me it’s because the acting classes aren’t filled with just kids who want to be actors or being in the plays,” Moore said. “It’s filled with kids that are looking for some other opportunity to explore some creativity.”

Moore said he is excited to live in Ashland and to spend time in his backyard with his two golden retrievers.

“[Ashland is] a quaint little town surrounded by hiking trails, lakes, mountain lakes, skiing and everything,” Moore said.

The town is the center of the Tony award-winning Oregon Shakespeare Festival, where Moore said he plans to work.

Students said they would miss Moore and his vast knowledge.

“It was an honor having [Moore] as both a teacher and mentor these past two years,” Chase Garvey-Daniels ’19 said. “The school has big shoes to fill with [Moore’s] retirement, as his extensive work with the Playwrights Festival and many productions at school has been instrumental in their success.”