Hall to retire after 35 years at the school

Luke Schneider

Visual arts teacher Marianne Hall will retire after 35 years at the school. Hall has taught The History and Art of Modern Europe and The World and Drawing and Painting I, as well as other eleventh and twelfth grade classes.

Hall’s favorite part of her work was her students, she said.

“It’s really fun to see [my students] develop as artists, some of them discovering themselves as artists for the first time,” Hall said.

One of the most challenging parts of taking her course is learning how to interpret art, as she requires sophomores to quickly learn visual literacy, Hall said.

Using art as an introspective tool to capture a student’s emotions is also very important to her, she said.

“[The students] learn a lot about themselves,” Hall said. “Your paintings will show you a side of yourself that you may not have been aware of, or that