BUTI-ful Tones


Megan Chang ’19 is featured with friends at camp.

Joanna Im

Students attended the Boston University Tanglewood Institute, a performing arts summer program for students from June 17 to Aug. 11 to sharpen their musical skills. Students could choose from a variety of classes, such as orchestra rehearsals, chamber rehearsals and music theory classes.

The camp included three programs, as well as a concert and a parade, in which students performed what they learned at the program. In addition to the orchestra concerts, students also participated in chamber music concerts and outreach opportunities.

Although there was an emphasis on musical education, residential life also taught students about responsible living. Other classes focused on lifestyle in addition to the main music classes.

“There were also opportunities for music theory classes and health and wellness programs like yoga, body mapping, etcetera,” Megan Chang ’19 said. “I had a really incredible time there, being surrounded constantly by music and incredible people from across the country and all over the world who shared the same interests and love of music as me.”

Ben Beckman ’19 composed his own music to be featured in concerts during the program.

“When we had our second-week project, they asked us to write brass anthems and told us one of them would be performed,” Beckman said. “Mine was the one picked to be performed, and it was played during a wind ensemble concert in honor of former governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick.”

Some students also applied for the program hoping for supplementary musical practice over the summer to prepare for the following school year.

“Since I was in [the program], we focused a lot on orchestral and chamber performance, so I’m really excited to bring everything I’ve learned this summer about leadership and collaboration in an ensemble to school,” Chang said.