Students browse courses at Academic Fair


Clara Ross ’19 and Sara Kangaslahti ’19 present the AP Physics C class to Dylan Shenson ’20. Credit: Lindsay Wu

Lindsay Wu

Sophomores and juniors attended the annual Academic Fair on Monday in order to learn about the courses offered for next year.  Prefect Council hosted the event in Taper Gym during activities period.

At the fair, teachers and students currently enrolled in the class represented their courses and electives at various booths.  In addition to describing the curriculum and answering specific questions about the class, teachers distributed food and handouts to interested students.

“It was really nice to have a chance to talk to the teachers and students of the course,” Katarina Cheng ’21 said.  “It was cool to see all the classes I was thinking about taking next year, and to learn in depth about the course, rather than just reading the syllabus or curriculum guide.”

Prefect Council also provided free donuts for students to encourage attendance.

Course selections will open online March 5 at 7:30 p.m.