BLACC screens alum’s short film

Casey Kim

The Black Leadership, Awareness and Culture Club hosted a screening of Michael Hooks ’05’s short film, “Like Company,” in Ahmanson Lecture Hall on Monday. Hooks answered questions about the film, which focuses on racial anxieties and prejudices in group settings.

“I attended Harvard-Westlake, and before, I was at Curtis [School],” Hooks said. “There were a lot of experiences where [my friends and I] would be hanging out, talking and joking around, and an off-handed comment would be said regarding race. I would try not to make a big deal about it. Sometimes, I would say something, and people would be like ‘Oh, you’re not really black.’ And I can’t win here.”

Hooks said he hopes that the film will spark discussions about unconventional topics, such as racism in casual conversations, among teens.

“If you hear something that may not be the best thing to hear at that moment, then say something,” Hooks said. “You don’t need to embarrass anybody, but there may be a moment when you’re out of that situation, [have that conversation].”