HW Works holds finance roundtable

Lauren Nehorai

Andrea Greene ’91 (Zachary ’23), the Chief Operating Officer of commercial real estate agency CREXi, spoke about her career in finance at the HW Works and Student Alumni Association-sponsored roundtable April 17.

Greene said that the school provided her with valuable tools for her career.

“Harvard-Westlake is an outstanding place to learn about work ethic and community, and the value of the two together,” Greene said. “If you just have work ethic and you’re doing it by yourself and not building your community, you are missing one of the important pillars that will help you navigate your career.”

Greene also recommended that students begin their careers in finance, regardless of the paths they will choose afterward.

“If you are interested in learning how businesses works at a more fundamental level, starting off in [finance] really helps you understand the fundamentals of business,” Greene said.

Student Alumni Association member Jane Sidon ’20 said that Greene offered valuable and helpful insight.

“The roundtable is a really cool way to understand the real world through people who were in our world,” Sidon said.  “The roundtable makes the large topic of careers seem so much simpler by having people we can relate to be the speakers.”