World Language students join Honor Society


Joy Ho ’22 and Dr. Qineng Tan perform a traditional Chinese martial arts routine. Ho’s shocase was one of four performances meant to demonstrate distinct cultural aspects of each language represented. Credit: Caitlin Chung/ Chronicle

Lauren Cho

Students who have completed four levels of Chinese, French, Latin or Spanish joined chapters of the Wold Language Honor Society at the annual reception held in Rugby Theater on May 21.

The event also included special performances from students representing each of the four languages.

To begin the event, Chase van Amburg ’20, Anthony Khaiat ’19, Tosh Le ’19 and Jackson Prybil ’19 read pledges in Chinese, French, Latin and Spanish, respectively.

Language teachers then presented students with certificates to commemorate their journeys through the language classes.

“I thought it was nice to see all the different students from different language courses and their cultures,” Natalie Barnouw ’21 said.

Students also showcased their talents to reflect the four distinct cultures.
Joy Ho ’22 and Dr. Qineng Tan (Claire ’18) performed Tai Chi, a Chinese martial art.

Sorcha Whitley ’19 then displayed her ballet technique to a recitation of a French passage dedicated to former Associate Head of School Liz Resnik. Lilah Weisman ’20 and Jacob Schroeder ’20 sang “Pie Jesu,” a Latin song and Chandace Apacanis ’21 danced to “Ayyala Cubana” with Tali Tufeld ’20 accompanying on the conga.

Following the performances, language teachers presented Asher Vogel ’19, Sonya Ribner ’19, Ben Beckman ’19 and Zane Grenoble ’19 with Outstanding Senior Awards awards in Chinese, French, Latin and Spanish, respectively.

These awards honor a single student of each language who has explored every course level that the school can offer, as well as meet the grade requirement.

“The most important part [about the assembly] should be about making it student centered, so that its more entertaining for them, for their families, for the community,” French teacher and reception organizer Simona Ghirlanda said. “We are proud of having so many kids participating.”