Cinema Studies classes travel to Arclight Cinema in Hollywood

Khyra Stiner

Cinema Studies and Philosophy of Art and Sciences classes, along with parents and other members of the community, attended the screening of “Space Odyssey 2001” at the Arclight Cinerama Dome in Hollywood on May 22.

The movie itself was created during the 1960s and used various filmmaking techniques, such as the omission of sound. Philosophy and Cinema Studies student Annie Wendorf ’19 said the movie was presented in an abstract and arthouse manner, with scenes that appeared slightly confusing at times.

“It’s crazy to me how it was such a huge hit in the 1960’s, and it was pretty cool to able to contextualize it with what was going on during that time period,” Wendorf said. “I don’t even think that type of movie would get that sort of budget, now that we live in an Avengers-like production standard era.”

Cinema Studies student Genesis Aire ’19 said the experience was interesting and informative due to the unique environment that the Cinerama Dome provided. Because students had previously studied many of the concepts displayed in the film, students said they were able to connect to what they saw on screen.

“It was a viewing experience unparalleled to any other I’ve had before, and that is largely due to the dome theater.” Aire said.”The movie itself was also interesting because of its use of sound or lack of, which highlighted the emptiness of space.”

After the screening, students from both Philosophy and Cinema Studies discussed about the movie and its main concepts within their respective classes.