Sketches of Summer- Mimi Offor ’21

Sarah Reiff

Courtesy of Mimi Offor.

Students spent their summers attending programs to help further develop their skills in various art forms.

Aspiring painter and photographer Mimi Offor ’21 attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) this summer, where she took a photography and figure painting class.

Offor said that her experience at SAIC prompted her to seriously consider becoming a professional artist.

“I have been interested in pursuing a career in art for a while now, and I wanted to experience what it would be like going to an art school compared to going to a regular college,” Offor said.

At SAIC, Offor focused on photography and figure painting, but also spent time working on drawings and video art. She said she especially enjoyed painting people as they interacted with their peers and their environment.

Her teachers encouraged her to experiment with more interdisciplinary art and introduced her to many new artists whose work she can follow, she said.

Offor added that the lessons she learned from her time at SAIC made her eager to continue her artistic future at the upper school.

“This program helped remind me that, while I only take painting and photography class, I can still incorporate other mediums into my work,” Offor said. “I hope that I can continue to have an open mind and explore the possibilities of what I can create.”