Math teacher, girls’ golf coach

Megan Phillips, who has taught math  at the upper school  for six years, will study civil engineering at the University of Maine next fall.

“Harvard-Westlake students have a unique way of expressing opinions and interacting with teachers unlike most high school students,” Phillips said. “I will miss working with them.”

Phillips has taught Pre-Calculus, Honors Algebra II, Trigonometry and Functions, Geometry, AP Economics, Math Analysis Honors, Directed Study: Differential Equations and Algebra II Fundamentals.Phillips has also been a girls’ golf coach for three years.

“I really enjoyed getting to know such a great group of girls not just as students,  but as human beings,” she said.

Phillips taught at the Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass., better known as Andover, for a year before coming to Harvard-Westlake.

“It will be an interesting position for me, to be a student again after being a teacher for seven years,” she said.

She hopes to either become a professor or work for the government after graduate school. Many of Phillips’ friends attend graduate school at the University of Maine. Phillips will live in an apartment 20 minutes from her parents. Her mother is especially excited about Phillips’ accompanying her to the Ham and Bean Supper at their church, where “blue haired ladies” make casserole and pies—quite different from her current Southern California lifestyle.