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Into Adulthood


Already 18.

Throughout my childhood, I have always dreamed of what life would be like as an adult; after coolly swiping my own credit card to pay for groceries, I drive myself home with windows down, music blasting, shades on and wind in my hair. When the streets are empty, I press the acceleration harder as I sing my heart out, not having a single care in the world.

The reality of it, however, seems a lot less glamorous: failing multiple driving tests, waiting for time to pass by in stand-still traffic with an almost-expired permit, barely enduring discussions about college with my parents and struggling to keep up with classes.

And even though last year Lucas Gelfond ’19 advised seniors to not succumb to senioritis, I am definitely guilty of spending many hours after school making rainy day playlists instead of working on my overdue physics labs.

Turning 18 has placed an extra mental burden on me, and the more I refuse to recognize that I must now figure my life out, the more I seem to be neglecting my responsibilities.

Aside from having to face legal repercussions as an adult, I realize that now is the time to seriously think about and plan my years beyond high school.

My life thus far has been a bubble, secured from the harsh realities of the outside world.

And soon, whether I like it or not, I must become more self-sufficient and independent than I’ve ever been. But at the end of the day, I am only a student, a title so precious yet fleeting.

As students, we are so lucky to be holding a title that serves as a universal badge of innocence and growth.

We learn, ask questions, fail miserably, learn more and fail again.

Moreover, every cliche applies to us: the world has endless possibilities, the sky is our limit, we are unstoppable. And no matter how devastating a bad grade or heartbreak may seem at the moment, we can pick ourselves right back up and begin again, maybe after a bucket of Häagen-Dazs ice cream or two.

Though we will always be students at heart, learning something new every day for the rest of our lives, the combination of our young, fiery, passionate minds and cravings to discover ourselves in the world is only temporary.

Soon, that title will only be a part of our pasts, and we will each take on new titles as we branch out into different roles in society: doctor, president, teacher, mother, dog-breeder.

Furthermore, in the midst of pop quizzes, weekend hangouts and college applications, it can be easy to lose sight of how fortunate we are: to have supportive friends and caring family members, a variety of accessible resources and understanding teachers.

It is a scary thing to be an adult, but let’s not allow this to stop us from asking questions and making mistakes. Let’s not let this time go to waste.

With less than a year left of holding the title, ‘high schooler,’ let’s make the most out of a time in our lives that will never return but will always be remembered.

Let’s study for our tests, make lasting memories with our friends, laugh about relatable meme accounts and cry over our grades.

Let’s be the best students we can be and enjoy the ride, because it’ll only last so long.

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Into Adulthood