Venture speaker discusses aerospace company

Melody Tang

Tim Ellis, co-founder and CEO of Relativity Space, spoke to students Jan. 15 as an HW Venture speaker at the Middle School.

Ellis spoke to students about how he started Relativity Space, giving students insight into his experiences in starting an aerospace company. Relativity Space, a rocket company based on 3D printing, was started in 2015 by Ellis with his partner, Jordan Noone.

“I loved hearing his story, and I think that the concept is so interesting,” HW Venture co-leader Sophia Rascoff ’23 said. “Even though they are still a pretty small and unheard-of company, they are doing big things. I loved hearing him tell his story, especially about how he followed his passion and started a company based on it.”

Speaker explains how the company produces rockets 

Ellis spoke about how Relativity Space produces the parts they need with a 3D printer, allowing them to launch rockets at a lower cost.

Co-leader Carter Staggs ’23 said he enjoyed hearing from such a prominent figure in astrophysics and learned about the creativity and confidence needed to start a business.

During Ellis’s talk, students were able to ask questions about how he started Relativity Space.

“It was very interactive and the speaker allowed for questions every step of the way, which allowed for deeper conversations,” co-leader Hope Hsieh ’23 said.

Students speak about their experience as a part of HW Venture 

Ellis also gave students advice on the importance of persistence in business.

“My biggest takeaway was that when you have an idea, you should run with it,” Rascoff said. “Our speaker had a passion and followed it, and now he is the CEO and founder of a company that is changing the world.”

Staggs said he hopes to learn more about starting companies as a part of HW Venture.

“I love being a part of HW Venture because I am able to run a club with my friends and hear from a wide variety of interesting and experienced speakers,” Staggs said. “I learned from the speaker that when starting a business, you have to be creative and unafraid.”

Rascoff said she particularly enjoys the speakers invited by Venture because she learns something new from each speaker.

“My favorite part of Venture is being inspired by the speakers and bringing in speakers to inspire others,” Rascoff said. “That is one of the major reasons that hosting speakers is so important, we can inspire many students and hopefully teach them valuable lessons to utilize in the future.”