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Survivor Winners at War breakdown: Episode 9


Welcome to the weekly Survivor: Winners at War breakdown and award ceremony, our fourth of the year. With the chaos that occurred prior to and during tribal council, we have a lot to talk about, and Kyle’s still crying. Let’s get right into it. 

Most Valuable Player: Given to the player who contributed the most to this episode

Reims: Well, there goes my guy. A huge thank you to Adam Klein for providing sheer entertainment this season, and, in his send-off, he gets my MVP. Yes, I know he got voted out, but that’s not what this award is necessarily about. Nobody contributed more to this episode (and arguably this season, as he leads the tribe in confessionals) than Adam. The pure chaos that came with Adam was unmatched. His weird rivalry with Ben that culminated in an all-time tribal fight, with everyone else whispering about plans. The incredible moment of him asking who everyone was voting for, only to be met with silence and crickets. And, of course, the iconic image of him putting his pride aside and trying to destroy the tribal podium, a move he knew was desperate and would probably end up with him looking like an idiot. As he and Jeff said, it’s always worth a shot.

Pant: At the end of the day, this show is called Survivor and that is exactly what Nick did last night. Heading into the episode, I was convinced Nick was on the brink of elimination and would go home very soon. He had no real alliance in the game and was always being left out of decisions. However, he started playing this game for real, got rid of Adam and removed his name from the chopping block temporarily. He showed us the animal inside of him after being relatively nice all game. He was responsible for the chaos that ensued on the island and played well, making him my MVP vote. 

Least Valuable Player: Given to the player who receives significant screen time and performs the worst

Reims: Part of me wants to double up with Adam, but I won’t. I’m going to go with Ben, who has been rubbing me the wrong way all season. Sure, he’s provided some comedy, but it doesn’t seem like he’s been truly playing the game that well. He’s been on the right side of votes, which is definitely worth something, but it feels like whatever alliance he sticks with, he’s at the bottom.

Pant: For once, I have two least valuable players. If you did not know, I watched Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X in hopes that I could finally see why Kyle likes Adam so much and it did work. However, Adam had to get eliminated this week and I was actually sad that he left. That being said, he is in some way the least valuable player for relying on that chance of an idol, even though it was the right move. My other least valuable player is Sarah, who decided to give Nick the reward on his birthday. This is the Nick who had no previous allies heading into the game, meaning that any form of kindness toward him will obviously be seen as a strategic move. Not a smart move on her part and it put her in a compromising position heading into next week. Shoutout to the Winners at War song, one of the worst pieces of music I’ve ever heard in my life. 

Most Improved: Given to the player who boosted their stock most from last episode

Reims: It is shocking that she would ever need to “improve her stock”, but Kim, new record-holder for female immunity wins, owner of one of if not the most dominant single-season performances of all-time, wins it here. She’s been playing (or has been edited) super quietly this season, which is a valid strategy for sure, but it was edging to the point of not doing anything. That changed this episode when she seemed to be one of the leaders in the Adam vote without drawing too much attention on herself. She still has an idol in her pocket, and is one of Tony’s “lions”, so she seems safe for the foreseeable future. If Sophie’s winner’s edit turns out to be a decoy, Kim seems like a solid bet to take that role.

Pant: For the first time ever, we have a unanimous most improved player: Kim. Although she does not get the screentime she deserves, Kim is a dominant force in this game. There are so many things she did in this episode including winning the immunity challenge, breaking the record for female individual immunity wins and contributing to the elimination of Adam. She has been able to hide in the shadows so far in the game and she is finally coming out. I can’t wait to see more from this dominant Survivor player. 

Current Godfather: Given to the player who is pulling the most strings and in the best position to succeed

Reims: I don’t care what the preview says, my answer stays the same: Sophie. Clarke. Sure, her name was thrown out at the beginning of this episode, but I wouldn’t be shocked if everybody’s was. She still has her idol, she’s a low-key challenge threat, is the lesser of two threats within her alliance, and would definitely be willing to flip on Sarah to stay alive. The only concern left is that we’re getting a David from Millenials vs Gen X style edit, where she gets great winner’s edit until everyone realizes she’s going to win.

Pant: I just finished Survivor: Cagayan today, so I understand Tony and why he is considered to be one of the best players. This episode, the theme was chaos and how crazy everyone was around camp. If anyone can be the godfather in a time of pure chaos, it has to be Tony. Arguably the biggest threat in the game, crazy Tony is still around and does not have a single vote against him. He completely understands his current position in the game and is acting accordingly. He knows who he needs to get rid of and is succeeding with the elimination of Adam. Although he is one mistake away from being eliminated, Tony is the godfather this week. 

Out next week: Given to the player we think will be eliminated next week

Reims: I know he made it through this vote, but Nick is still clearly at the bottom. I think he only stayed this week due to Adam’s paranoia. His tribal “this isn’t war” speech probably didn’t help his cause either. Additionally, he seemingly overreacted emotionally to the Wendell vote. I loved Nick in his first season, but he made the same mistake with the Davie vote there. He took the vote personally, and everybody knew he was upset about it. If he doesn’t win immunity next week, I think he’s on the block.

Pant: For me, I believe that Winners at War leaves no room for mistakes, and that is why I think Sarah will be leaving. People don’t want to get rid of Sophie, and they see Sarah as a bigger threat because of past performances and openly strategizing for Nick. Because next week is a loved ones episode, I believe it will be a quick decision to get Sarah out in order to hurt Sophie. 


Top 5 Funniest Moments: Self-explanatory

  1. The Idol Play was clearly the funniest moment of the night and no one can argue that. When Jeff said “Are you certain that this is not an idol,” I think everyone was laughing. Thank you, Adam, for giving us the funniest moment in an already hilarious season. -Pant
  2. Jeremy not moving from the bench and everybody coming to him with new names, getting progressively more and more confused and incredulous each time. Just the image of everyone else scrambling while he’s just chilling was amazing. -Reims
  3. Michelle flipping the coin twice, producing two different results, before saying something like “Wow, well it is 50-50”. Truly incredible observation Michelle. On the island, all grade-school principles drop and you don’t believe even the simplest things. What a moment. -Reims/Pant
  4. When everyone else was whispering strategy at tribal, but Ben and Adam were just yelling insults at each other, until Adam ends it by calling Ben sensitive, causing the jury to all start cracking up. A renaissance masterpiece, in my opinion. – Reims
  5. For me, when Adam asked who was voting for him and there was just a five-second pause, I died with laughter (I feel like the producers added in extra cricket noises just to hammer it home -Reims). I think everyone who hates Adam felt that moment and knew he was going home. -Pant

Honorable Mentions: 

Adam saying he trusts Sarah as far as he can throw her, before proudly asserting “and I can’t throw very far.” – Reims

When Adam said “Screw you guys,” as he bequeathed his fire token to Denise. -Pant 

Stay tuned next week, when we will be left with only nine people!

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