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Survivor: Winners at War Episode 12 Recap


Welcome to the weekly Survivor: Winners at War breakdown and award ceremony! After a very entertaining episode, we have a lot to talk about. Let’s get right into it!

Most Valuable Player: Given to the player who contributed the most to this episode

Reims: Primetime T.V. Tony Vlachos is my winner. Although this week was somewhat tame compared to last episode, the man Rob called  “the boss” was just that this time. He won his third straight individual immunity, eliminated his biggest threat, and has Ben (and Nick to a lesser extent) firmly in his pocket. He should be target number one, but he’s still here, without a single vote against him. Honorable mention to Jeremy for staying alive (and putting up with Ben)

Pant: Although Tony once again had a great performance this week, I think that Jeremy needs some respect for his game this week. For the second week in a row, Jeremy was on the brink of elimination, yet managed to survive through his social game. Although I believe he is on the outs soon, I believe he deserves respect for avoiding two straight eliminations. Additionally, Jeremy not playing the 50/50 idol was a bold move that ended up successful, earning him my MVP vote. Honorable mention to Nick, not for his gameplay, but for his use of fire token bargaining.

Least Valuable Player: Given to the player who receives significant screen time and performs the worst

Reims: Ah, Ben. Everyone’s favorite winner to pick on has been admittedly entertaining at points this season, providing lighthearted comedy throughout. This episode, however, encapsulated the entirety of Ben’s game, for better and (mostly) worse. He continued to display his incredible nack for finding idols, but that’s probably where the positives end. He immediately tried to hide it from Tony who was standing right there, sowing seeds of mistrust in his closest ally. He ratted on another plan, and at this point seems pretty much incapable of keeping a secret. Probably worst of all, he displayed atrocious jury management, refusing to talk to Jeremy at all. That is now two votes (Jeremy and Adam) he is guaranteed not to get if he makes it to the end. At this point, it seems like his only chance is being brought by someone else. Honorable mention to Kim, who just couldn’t execute on any of her (impressively accurate) reads.

Pant: Although it pains me to say this, I think that Kim has to be my least valuable player of the week. It was sad that she threw away her chance at immunity for the peanut butter and cookies, considering the immediate regret she had for the move. With that said, I respect Kim so much for going after the godfather and she proved herself to be one of the smartest players in the game. I can’t wait to see her on Edge and am convinced she has a great shot to come back. Honorable mention to Denise, who probably confirmed her elimination next week. 

Most Improved: Given to the player who boosted their stock most from last episode

Reims: It feels like Nick keeps dipping and swaying up and down, and especially after the awful edit he got last week, this week is definitely one of the up weeks. Sure, he displayed possibly the worst reaction one could have to getting called out. But in the end, he proved his loyalty, “giving” Tony the challenge (I think Nick was going to drop anyway) and siding with him on the vote. It keeps him in the core alliance a little longer, and Nick is too smart to think he can win next to Tony, something he already mentioned. If he can orchestrate a Tony vote soon, he could be in the driver’s seat.

Pant: I believe that my most improved player of the week in Ben, surprisingly. Although I disagree with his treatment of Jeremy, I really have to give him credit for finding the immunity idol. Ben has been on the right side of every vote he has been a part of except for the Sophie vote, proving he is willing to be loyal and a right-hand man. Although he has put himself in a position to be a target next week, I think there is a chance he steps up and changes his game for the better. Honorable mention to Sarah, who proved me wrong for another week, continuing to stay alive. 

Current Godfather: Given to the player who is pulling the most strings and in the best position to succeed

Reims: The reason there was no recap last week is that I was crying due to Sophie’s elimination. Now that she’s gone, the man who got rid of her takes the spot she occupied since day one. Tony is running everything right now, with Sarah and Ben solid at his side. The only concern is that he’s flying a little too close to the sun, but if there’s anybody who can pull it off, it’s Tony.

Pant: “Tony is a boss”-Boston Rob. I really don’t believe anything else has to be said. Tony is the best player in the game and just received a compliment from one of the greatest Survivor players ever. The power couple Cops-R-Us proves to be strong, and Tony has 3 fire tokens and an immunity idol heading into a week in which he is likely a target. 

Out next week: Given to the player we think will be eliminated next week(2 this week)

Reims: I think Jeremy and Denise will be the two gone next week. Jeremy has been on the bottom for some time now, and although he might still have the 50/50 idol, I see one of the bigger threats left in the game going out. Denise has been playing more low key, but I feel that she is the lowest in her alliance. Once the target is gone, and the infighting starts, I think she will be gone, unfortunately.

Pant: For me, the most obvious elimination of the week is Denise. She hasn’t really done much since the shocking Sandra elimination and has been on the wrong side of the vote for the last 4 weeks. I think Jeremy has enough and goes after Denise, who really has no very strong ally with Kim gone. As for the other elimination, I believe that Nick goes home. He has been playing both sides and I think he is going to try and go after a major threat, which will only lead to his demise. He has been getting a very bad edit recently, so I think his elimination is coming this week. 

Join us next week as we break down the penultimate episode!

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Survivor: Winners at War Episode 12 Recap