McClain to work remotely from Washington

Sandra Koretz

After 13 years at the school, Upper School Scheduler, Chair of the Upper School Faculty Academic Committee (FAC) and science teacher Krista McClain will move to Seattle, Washington with her family in late July.

Next year, McClain will continue working for the school remotely, mostly assisting with the transition to the new schedule. She will also take over duties as the new registrar and will maintain her position as a co-chair of FAC.

“I feel so happy to still be working with Harvard-Westlake faculty, staff and students,” McClain said.

In addition to teaching Chemistry, Honors Chemistry and AP Chemistry, McClain created Molecular Gastronomy, a popular directed study course.

“I think [McClain] is a wonderful teacher who makes sure that her students understand the material completely,” Porter Comstock ’22 said. “She makes learning chemistry enjoyable.”

McClain departs to join family in Washington 

McClain will move to Washington in order to be closer to her family, she said. She also plans to work at an independent school there.

“What I will miss most about being in-person at Harvard-Westlake is the connection I have had with students over the years,” McClain said. “I have remained close to many students as they continue their educations in college and now as they are adults. The students at Harvard-Westlake are the most valuable part of the community, and I will miss those daily interactions very much.”

Cubin Molzen ’22 said that he really enjoyed having McClain as his teacher this year because she is very engaging. He said he appreciated that she was always available to help her students.

“Having [McClain] this year was an experience where I was able to learn so much about chemistry in an enjoyable fashion,” Molzen said. “She was definitely one of my favorite teachers whose kindness and willingness to help her students succeed were greatly appreciated and valued. We all are grateful to have had her for the time we did, and she will be missed next year.”