Schroeder to retire after 29 years to enjoy her hobbies

Amelia Scharff

School registrar Virginia Schroeder will retire after 29 years at the school in order to pursue her interests in photography and painting, and to travel with her husband.

“We have visited many European countries and traveled quite a bit in the UK, Canada and the U.S.,” Schroeder said. “We’d like to add to that list. Also, I have a few creative endeavors in photography and painting that I’d like to pursue. And of course like everyone else, there’s always another book to read.”

As a registrar, Schroeder performed many organizational tasks, such as handling data, processing grades and comments and attaining visas for staff.

Colleague appreciates Schroeder’s work for the school 

Dean Coordinator and Assistant to the Head of Upper School Lynn Miller expressed her gratitude for Schroeder’s strong work ethic and dedication in HW Life Magazine.

“Her grasp of technology and meticulous care has been instrumental in our smooth-functioning system,” Miller said. “Virginia’s professionalism, integrity, attention to detail and organizational skills have been invaluable to Harvard-Westlake. We extend our warm thanks and wish her the best in this next phase of her life.”

Schroeder reflects on her time with the school community

Schroeder said that she will miss the community greatly, especially the students.

“I will miss knowing every day I am contributing to help students pursue their education,” Schroeder said. “Over the years, in helping with different record issues and other things needed by students, it was satisfying to know that even in a small way, I was helping them continue on their educational journey through school.”

Schroeder also said she appreciated the relationships she made at the school and the liveliness of the community.

“The people definitely were my favorite part of working at HW. I was privileged over the years to work with many people, and some of them were just amazing,” Schroeder said. “The students gave a level of energy and fun that you don’t find in every work environment. It made for a happy atmosphere at work.”