McCullough departs to pursue a new career

Tanisha Gunby

After teaching The World and Europe II and United States History classes for the past three years, history teacher Pat McCullough will leave the school to pursue a career in instructional design and educational technology.

“This job will have me spending more time on how best to structure learning experiences and will also let me play with technology in fun ways,” McCullough said. “If I’m right, this career will not only give me exciting new challenges but will also give me more time to spend with my family on evenings and weekends.”

McCullough appreciates working with colleagues

McCullough said he has enjoyed working with colleagues to reimagine what classroom settings could look like and is excited to see how the school changes in the future.

“Teaching in our history department these past few years, in the midst of global political upheaval, has been enlightening and invigorating,” McCullough said. “I have so appreciated my many conversations with colleagues about how we interpret events in the news, how they connect to historical events and what we can possibly do about them.”

Students value McCullough’s class experience

Grace Daniels ’21 said McCullough is passionate about helping his students learn in a way that will stay with them for the remainder of their lives.

“[McCullough] is definitely an intellectual, so much so that you could always tell he was itching to break free from the typical U.S. History class experience by expanding our course material and going into as much depth as possible,” Daniels said. “I’ve found that I’ve been more comfortable engaging in group discussions this year than I’ve ever been in a history class, which I owe to [McCullough’s] openness to interpretation and excitement about hearing new perspectives rather than solely the ‘right’ answer.”

Emery Genga ’21 said she has enjoyed McCullough’s unique, discussion based teaching style.

“I am very thankful that he has been a part of my HW journey, and I am going to miss seeing his friendly face around campus,” Genga said.