Making a fashionable entrance

By Lara Sokoloff

Hannah Rosenberg ’11 was filled with pride as her original idea was incorporated into a new piece in designer Katy Rodriguez’s Spring 2010 collection. Having been interested in fashion for years, Rosenberg began working for Rodriguez as an intern in November 2008.

Over the summer, Rosenberg focused on completing the Spring 2010 collection in time for Fashion Week in Paris this October. As a part of her internship, Rosenberg is given the unique opportunity to travel to Paris with the design team to help promote the collection; unfortunately, her trip may interfere with school, forcing her to miss one to two days of class.

“Going to Paris is such a great opportunity for me to meet more people in fashion that will help further me as a designer, and I love Paris so I’m really excited,” Rosenberg said.

On a daily basis, Rosenberg aids Rodriguez’s employees in clothing fittings. After the run through of the pieces, Rosenberg took part in meetings to discuss the collection as a whole, surveying what pieces are needed and which do not flow with the overall look of the collection.

More recently, Rosenberg took over Public Relations at Katy Rodriguez. Her responsibilities include emailing and mailing out flyers, sending out postcards to inform buyers about sales, taking inventory of vintage pieces, and distributing clothing for press samples.

Rosenberg is often given the opportunity to work one on one with Rodriguez. While Rodriguez was designing a pair of shorts, Rosenberg gave her input on the design pattern to Rodriguez, which was used in the final piece.

“Katy is very open about her designs; she is always asking for everyone’s input and opinions to constantly improve her collection as a whole,” said Rosenberg.

Some of the most educational and rewarding experiences for Rosenberg come from answering phones, which gave her the chance to speak with well-respected figures in the fashion world including the editors of Vogue.

Since she began working with Rodriguez, Rosenberg has been learning key tools that will help her in the future when she is promoting her own collections.

Because Resurrection, Rodriguez’s store, is only four years old, Rosenberg has been able to learn how to create an image for a fresh, new brand. Being very involved in the collections gave Rosenberg a sense of pride and completion and when she sees Rodriguez’s work in the magazine, Rosenberg knows that she has been a key component in developing the lines, she said.

Rosenberg hopes to maintain this internship throughout junior year, and continue to gain knowledge in the field of fashion, she said.