Chronicle Staff

By Maddy Baxter and Cami de Ry

Justin Bretter ’11 took a win on for sticking with CoCo. Bretter humiliated rival talk show host Jay Leno to support talk show host Conan O’Brien, posing for a photo with Leno and secretly exposed his hand displaying the words “Co-Co FTW,” meaning Conan For The Win.

“It was all random,” Bretter said. “I was just driving and I saw them filming Jay Walk [a feature on Jay Leno’s show], so I quickly wrote ‘Co-Co FTW’ on my hand and asked for a picture.”

The talk show host feud between O’Brien and Leno sparked when, in 2004, Leno promised to hand O’Brien “The Tonight Show” in 2009. After Leno’s ratings went down because of the time, NBC switched them back, forcing O’Brien’s resignation. The feud forced viewers to choose sides and build support for their favorite host on the internet.

Bretter posted the picture as his profile picture on Facebook and joined the Conan O’Brien fan club page. Later that night, Bretter posted the picture on the fan page and got a fast reaction. Almost immediately he was receiving messages from fans and people were commenting on the photo.

“I got messages of people congratulating me on how great the picture was,” said Bretter. Bretter woke up the next day with the pictures on TMZ,, and the Huffington Post.