Venture Club announces kickoff event

Natalie Cosgrove

Venture Club plans to host a range of events, from guest speakers to workshops and games. Venture Club announced their kickoff event on Wednesday, Sept. 9, where students could come together and commence this year’s club.

The Venture Club is a part of a larger program called HW Venture, which also hosts other classes, summer camps and bootcamps. The goal for the upcoming meetings is to get students involved and build tool kits for entrepreneurial and life skills. Sophia Rascoff ’23 and Ryan Pinsker ’23 started this club.

“We are trying to show people that entrepreneurship is more than just building a business,” Rascoff said. “That it is not necessarily finance, economics and stock market stuff. It is much more than that. It’s about creativity and problem solving. It’s turning whatever you want to do into a functioning idea.”

In the meetings, Pinsker said there will be a series of lectures from alumni, as well as workshops directed at learning skills like negotiation and pivoting . The club is similar to the Venture Directed Study course, but less structured than the class and more focused on playing games to help problem solve and creativity, Rascoff said. .

Rascoff and Pinsker said theywant to help people understand the significance of entrepreneurship in everyday life and prepare for “the real world.”

“Entrepreneurship is not a job description, it is really a mindset, ” Pinsker said. “It is like an engineering, problem solving mindset, so my goal is to really get people on to that mindset because we can really do great things as a community.”