Photo III show closes today in Feldman-Horn

Sara Evall

Today is the last chance to see the winter showcase of the seven seniors in Photography III in the Feldman-Horn Gallery.

Photography teacher Kevin O’Malley designed the students’ assignments. He taught most of the Photography III students in Photography II.

“[O’Malley] gives us a lot of freedom to figure out what we want to do, but is also helpful and teaches us a lot,” Madeline Lear ’13 said, “He really cares about everything that he does.”

The first project he assigned was the wooden block project.

“I had parents at back to school day play with the blocks during discussions, and at the end of the class they had built structures that the students had to photograph,” O’Malley said.

Then, the students had to build their own composition based on of their parents’ structures and photograph them as well.

As a twist to the assignment, O’Malley then had his students choose a “big block”, a street block in any city, to photograph.

The second part of the seniors’ assignment was to choose a musician to photograph. O’Malley took the class to the Annenberg Space for Photography to see the exhibit entitled, “Who Shot Rock & Roll” for inspiration.

The senior class’s final showcase will be held toward the end of the school year, and will feature their “greatest hits,” according to O’Malley.

“I love teaching seniors because at this point of their high school careers, they’re really coming into their own, and you can see it on the walls [of the gallery],” he said.