Students to perform ‘Cherry Orchard’ for winter production

Elizabeth Madden

A cast of 22 students will perform in Russian playwright Anton Chekhov’s “The Cherry Orchard” in Rugby Auditorium, Feb. 8-10.

Director of the Theater Program Chris Moore is directing the production, which centers on a group of Russian aristocrats following the liberation of serfs in the early 20th century.

“To quote the playwright himself, ‘It is not a drama at all, but a comedy, in places a farce,’” Moore said. “We have not done a Chekhov play in over 17 years. I wanted to bring his stories and characters to our students and audiences, who may be unfamiliar with his brilliant nuanced work.”

“The Cherry Orchard” cast list is as follows:

Lyuboff Andreyenva Raneskaya: Elana Zeltser

Anya: Emma Pasarow

Varya: Covi Brannan

Leonid Andreyevitch Gaev “Lyónya”: Ben Gail

Yermolay Alexéyvitch Lopahin:  Nicholas Healy

Pyotor Sergeyevicth Trofimoff “Petya”: Angus O’Brien

Simeonov-Pishchik, Borís Borisovitch : Daniel Palumbo

Charlotta Ivanovna: Grace Levin

Yepikhodov, Semyon Panteleyevitch: Lucas Simon Foster

Dunyasha: Autumn Witz

Fiers: Teddy Leinbach

Yásha: Alexander Musicant

Passer-By: Thomas Thorne

The Station Master: Jacob Goodman

The Post Office Clerk: Gil Young

Marta and Dance Instructor Party Guest: Katherine Calvert

Polya and Party Guest: Sabrina Batchler

Tonya and Party Guest: Delilah Napier

Karmanov: Patric Verrone

Sonia: Claire Nordstrom

Evistigney: Sam Wolk

Karp: Oliver Sanderson