School buys 2 Chevy Volts

By Eli Haims

The school has purchased two Chevy Volts for use by administrators, Head of Campus Operations and Construction J.D. De Matte said. The Volt is a plug-in hybrid which can run solely on its battery for approximately 40 miles.

De Matte said a fund exists that is renewed annually so he can purchase new vehicles for the school and that the Volts were chosen this year because of their low environmental impact.

Administrators will use the cars to commute between the Upper School, Middle School and Los Angeles Valley College, where a number of sports teams practice, he said.

“For all the middle school trips and all the Valley College trips, in theory we should use zero gas, because it’s less than 40 miles,” De Matte said.

De Matte said the school considered purchasing either Toyota Priuses or Volts; however, they ultimately chose the Volt because of its superior fuel economy.

The Volt has a 94-mile-per-gallon of gasoline equivalent rating while running on its battery and a 37-mile-per-gallon rating while running on gasoline while the Prius has a 50-mile-per-gallon rating.

Students can ride in the Volts if necessary, De Matte said, but Chevy Suburbans are preferred for student transportation because of safety concerns.

“There are a lot of requirements we have for moving people, whether it be CJL buses or Suburbans outfitted with the proper tires or obviously a big yellow school bus or a charter,” De Matte said.