Genocide Activism Club sets up tents, sells goods for Genocide Awareness Week

By Julia Aizuss

The Genocide Awareness and Activism Club set up tents in the quad and held a bake sale this week to call attention to Genocide Awareness Week.

The tents that stood in the quad from March 21 through March 23 displayed messages calling to end genocide that were written by participants in a walk held by the organization Jewish World Watch two years ago, GAAC treasurer Sophie McAllister ’13 said.

“These messages are for the people suffering in current genocides,” McAllister said.

Tables inside the tents contained information on Jewish World Watch and solar cookers, which JWW distributes to women in Darfur. 

Smoothies and water bottles sold in the cafeteria throughout the week also informed the student body through stickers that profiled women raped in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

On March 23 GAAC held a bake sale and sold shirts, wristbands, and bags made by Congolese women to raise funds for the Chambucha Rape and Crisis Center in the North Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a clinic that provides psychological and physical treatment to women raped in the Congo.