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Missing in Action: Consequences of Long-term Illnesses and Injuries

Sammi Handler October 7, 2016

One moment Jessica Dickman ’17 was at a concert with her friend, watching as a band member dove off the stage. The next, everything went dark. After the band member landed on her and Dickman passed...

Coachella absentees to get detention

Jessica Lee April 9, 2013

Students who choose to miss class this Friday to attend the Coachella Music Festival are being urged to be honest about the decision and accept the consequences, which would be a single detention. In...

10th grade course now teaches safety

Noa Yadidi September 5, 2012

Safety tips will return to the Choices and Challenges curriculum this year after a four years absence. With unmonitored access to social media, and sophomores beginning to drive, the reintroduction was...

Chess Club holds afterschool tournament

March 25, 2011

By Saj Sri-Kumar The Chess Club hosted an intramural chess tournament Friday afternoon. The tournament was intended to include students from North Hollywood High School. However, North Hollywood pulled...

Sick of being sick

February 10, 2009

by Ellina Chulpaeff If I told you I spent the week of midterms in bed, not opening a single textbook, you might tell me that it’s a dream come true. If I told you that it was a hospital bed...

2-day Thanksgiving week leads to higher attendance

December 13, 2006

By Kaizeen Mody Attendance  for the short Thanksgiving week was a record high compared to the past two school years, according to statistics compiled by Attendance Coordinator Gabriel Preciado,...

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