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Illustration by Sydney Fener

The metal straw in an era of uncertainty

Maya Doyle October 3, 2019

My sister recently coerced our mother into buying rainbow, stainless steel straws for our family (0.5” wide and angled for better boba consumption). The straw came in a slick wood case with its own...

Opposing Elite Hypocrisy

Opposing Elite Hypocrisy

Jessa Glassman August 29, 2019

The royal family is always in the news, from tabloids fixated on Queen Elizabeth’s hats to Pippa Middleton’s romances to even Prince William’s receding hairline. Recently, however, a less light-hearted...

Illustration by Sam Ko '19.

Giving Back: Celebrating Earth Day on Campus

Lindsay Wu May 1, 2019

As Izzy Llevat ’20 walked to her second period class April 22, she noticed something out of the ordinary: hundreds of water bottles hanging from strings on the ceiling of her science classroom, Munger...

Climate Strikes: I will not stop here

Anja Clark April 24, 2019

I was not involved with planning the Los Angeles Youth Climate Strike, but I walked at the front of the hundreds-strong group, leading the occasional chant, and staring down photographers’ lenses. The...

Protesters, let's pay attention

Protesters, let’s pay attention

Luke Schneider February 2, 2019

As the leaders of the Women’s March sparked controversy, left-wing activists had to decide if they were willing to reconcile the anti-Semitic messages of the leaders with the liberal values of the march...

Examining intersections of identity

Examining intersections of identity

By Joanna Im December 14, 2018

Minorities of all different types face discrimination and appropriation in American society. Thankfully, social media and public protests have recently been able to raise attention to current social issues,...

Photo Illustration by Sam Ko '19.

Here Comes the Signs: Protests of the 60s Compared to Now

Kyra Hudson November 15, 2018

When Francine Werner ‘68 thinks back to her years at the then-Westlake School for Girls, she said she recalls the cultural phenomenon of the Beatles and the British Invasion, the counterculture movement...

Let’s get real: Emotion does belong in politics

Let’s get real: Emotion does belong in politics

Jessa Glassman November 15, 2018

The 2016 presidential election marked a fundamental shift in the psychology of politics. Campaign policies, promises and debates used to be openly discussed at our dinner tables. Since Donald Trump and...

Discussing our disagreement

Discussing our disagreement

Tammer Bagdasarian November 15, 2018

American society is at a breaking point. In our living rooms, schools and streets, disagreement rears its ugly head, dividing Americans into polarized factions. But it is not disagreement that has created...

Posts over Posters: How Has Social Media Impacted Modern Activism?

Posts over Posters: How Has Social Media Impacted Modern Activism?

Jenny Li September 4, 2018

Two months ago, Silicon Valley resident Charlotte Willner returned home from vacation to long conversations with her Pinterest co-workers about the Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance” family...

It’s about time: director Ava DuVernay promotes activism

Kaitlin Musante April 25, 2018

Award-winning director, producer and screenwriter Ava DuVernay urged students and faculty members to help overcome societal prejudices and recognize their own privilege at the all-school Brown Family Assembly...

Students walk out onto the quad to protest gun violence. Credit: Sophie Haber/Chronicle

National school walk out calls for change

Sophie Haber April 25, 2018

For the second time this year, students put down their pencils and walked out of their third period classes when the clock struck 10 a.m. to protest gun violence last Friday. They made their way to the...

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