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Glenn Singleton encouraged the community to hold deeper race-related conversations by listening more actively, understanding one another's background and engaging both emotionally and intellectually with others. His presentation included video clips and personal anecdotes. Credit: Pavan Tauh/Chronicle

Glenn Singleton advises community to engage in conversations about race

Saba Nia February 21, 2018

Author and educator Glenn Singleton encouraged students and faculty members to engage in effective conversations about racial disparities at Wednesday's all-school assembly. The Black Leadership, Awareness...

Teacher dashes to get script signed

Julia Aizuss February 14, 2013

It was as much of a surprise to science teacher Blaise Eitner as it was to the students when the speaker for the Black History Month assembly turned out to be actor Samuel L. Jackson. While Jackson told...

Actor performs poetry

Elizabeth Madden February 13, 2013

Actor Malcolm-Jamal Warner, who is best known for playing Theo in "The Cosby Show," hosted a Jazz Night and Poetry Lounge on Feb. 8, sponsored by the African-American Alumni Association in honor of Black...

Samuel L. Jackson Black History Assembly

Jack Goldfisher February 6, 2013

Samuel L. Jackson tells story of career at Black History Month Assembly

David Lim February 5, 2013

WATCH THE VIDEO Actor Samuel L. Jackson told students at the Black History Assembly Feb. 5 about his willingness to play any role including the villainous Stephen in “Django Unchained” as long as...

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