The Harvard-Westlake Chronicle

Photo Illustration by Nicole Kim and Kristin Kuwada

A Whole New World

Saba Nia January 10, 2018

“Apple,” Jenny Yoon ’19 tried to sound out again as her first grade teacher peered at her from above. Her teacher smiled softly and tapped the word on her paper. Sound it out slower, her teacher...

Credit: Nicole Kim/Chronicle

American Dreamers: Undocumented Immigrants and the Current Political Climate

Josie Abugov January 11, 2017

Axel Rivera de León ’18 said he saw the terror in his mother’s face when Arizona State Patrol Agents demanded she show her identification. His mom was an undocumented immigrant from Guatemala, and...

Senior organizes fundraiser to support Haitian refugees

November 6, 2007

    Michelle Lozano ’08 is spearheading a fundraiser for the Batey’s Children Fund, an organization that provides educational opportunities for Haitian refugees in El Batey, an impoverished...

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