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Olivia Rahhal 23 cuddles her pet sheepadoodle.

Secret Life of Pets (in Quarantine)

Natalie Cosgrove March 27, 2021

When Olivia Rahhal ’23 returned to her house after leaving her sheepadoodle puppy home for the first time, she noticed her dog’s overly exaggerated behavior—specifically, her intense tail wagging...

In light of student isolation as a result of the pandemic, the school has made efforts to host speakers, such as Tony Award-winning actor Ben Platt ’10 and Jackie Greenberg ’19, who talked about their own experiences with mental health.

Teens in Teletherapy

Quincey Dern and Mia Feizbakhsh March 24, 2021

When Upper School Psychologist Sophie Wasson recommended to Lauren Lee ’20 that she meet with a therapist, Lee initially felt resistant to the suggestion. She said she had adopted the common...

Silhouette of a women featuring playboy magazine covers sexualizing women

Let’s Talk About Sexualization

Mimi Landes and Caitlin Muñoz March 24, 2021

“I’m not looking, are you looking?” “They looked at me first, I swear.” Women experience oversexualization from men in the media When Ash Wright ’22 opened the comment section of a TikTok...

“Downfalls High” Drops on YouTube

Natasha Speiss March 19, 2021

Flashes of a medical bracelet. A deep voice narrates how “sometimes you can love somebody or something so much that people will think you’re crazy.” A teen gets out of a medical hospital while newscasters...

Imitation or Illness?

Sarah Mittleman March 1, 2021

From Hogwarts houses to Meyers-Briggs to Zodiac signs, personality tests have a universal appeal time and time again. It’s human—specifically, teenage—nature for us to enjoy categorizing ourselves,...

Illustration by Alexa Druyanoff

There’s no us in team

Amelia Scharff October 14, 2020

When point guard Melissa Zozulenko ’21 packed her bag on the last day of in-person school, she didn’t realize she would have to say goodbye to her basketball team for over six months. Since then,...

Pressured Productivity

Caroline Jacoby August 28, 2020

Since the pandemic began, each interaction I have with others has begun with a countless set of questions: how are you using your extra time? What new skills have you acquired? With the expectation to...

Conflict Crisis

Julian Andreone August 27, 2020

A Letter to the Editors was written in response to this piece and published in issue two of Volume 30 in order to address factual inaccuracies. Peer Support, the largest club on campus, presents itself...

Talk It Out

Talk It Out

Zoe Redlich October 2, 2019

Students have began to proactively start conversations about mental health awareness. As Britney* found herself in yet another lunchtime conversation with a peer about anxiety, she wracked her brain for...

Speaker encourages mental health discussion on campus

Tammer Bagdasarian April 22, 2019

In an effort to encourage discussion about mental health on campus, educator and author Ross Szabo spoke to the junior class during its class meeting April 22. In addition to addressing the steps students...

Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi speaks to students about mental health in an all-school assembly hosted by the Black Leadership Awareness and Culture Club in Taper Gym. Credit: Ryan Albert

Kid Cudi addresses mental health stigma

Lucas Gelfond March 4, 2019

Grammy award-winning musical artist Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi spoke about the stigma surrounding mental health in the black community in an all-school assembly hosted by the Black Leadership Awareness...

Smashing the Stigma

Smashing the Stigma

Chronicle Staff March 3, 2019

A few weeks ago, in a display of immense courage and vulnerability, a senior stepped forward at an all-school assembly to share her history with depression and discuss the stigma surrounding mental health...

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