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Security guard Mark Geiger attempts to open locked door during drill. Credit: Ryan Albert

Security staff participates in lockdown drill with rest of school

Jenny Li January 23, 2019

Security guards in tactical gear joined the rest of campus in a lockdown drill today to ensure that students and faculty members were at appropriate and secure locations in the case of an active shooter....

Photo Illustration by Eshanika Chaudhary

Ready for Anything: Some Students Learn Self-Defense

Eshanika Chaudhary February 20, 2017

No longer willing to put up with being bullied in preschool and elementary school, Kathryn Tian ’17 and her family looked to martial arts as a way for her to defend herself when she was seven years old.   “One...

Claudia Wong

At our school, safety comes before anything else

Claudia Wong March 9, 2016

One of the things that sets Harvard-Westlake apart from almost every other school is its unbelievably safe environment. You can leave your laptop or phone unattended with full confidence that it will...

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