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Students line up outside their school after a shooting has just occurred.

Generation Under Fire

Georgia Grad and Eden Conner November 15, 2023

Everyone is in Taper Gymnasium. It’s an all-school assembly, and students are packed on the bleachers: sophomores and juniors on one side of the gym, and seniors on the other. Head of Upper School Beth...

Illustration Credit: Sydney Fener

An Agenda Adjustment

Claire Conner, Assistant Opinion Editor December 22, 2021

Our school has always been an impetus for change. From former Governor Gray Davis ’60 to Sally Ride ’68, our alumni have guided major policies and shattered cosmic glass ceilings; from thousands of...

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Sarah Rivera ’21, Ariana Pineda ’21, Simran Yogakumar ’21 and Natalie Barnouw ’21 participate in a staged photo

Given or Received?

Caroline Jacoby May 30, 2021

After completing her in-class essay, Betty* looked down at her phone and scrolled through the texts on her English class group chat. Betty realized that another member of the group chat had sent the essay...

Illustration by Alexa Druyanoff

Comparing school systems

Tanisha Gunby March 3, 2020

When my multinational family meets during the holidays, many of us hailing from high schools and countries around the world, we discuss and compare the education systems. Though Harvard-Westlake ranks...

Fleeing from the Flames

Fleeing from the Flames

Ethan Lachman November 13, 2019

Shortly after the Getty Fire ignited in the early hours Oct. 28, Charlie Albert ’21 received a notification instructing him to prepare for evacuation. A few hours later, Albert’s street was placed...

Dear Saba: Last Day

Dear Saba: Last Day

Saba Nia May 30, 2019

Dear Seventh Grade Saba, Today is my last day of high school. While I drive down Coldwater Canyon for what will be one of the last times ever, dodging the familiar potholes and sliding instinctively...

Our fifth quarter culture

Lindsay Wu May 1, 2019

There are 36 days until summer, according to one of my classmates. Though he has announced the latest count after each eighth period math class since October, the end of the school year is now almost...

Illustration by Samantha Ko.

More than Words: Exploring Microaggressions on Campus

Alison Oh March 20, 2019

As Xenia Bernal ’19 flipped through the pages of the 2017 yearbook, she was taken aback. Alongside silly photos of seniors in heart-shaped sunglasses and cheetah-print hats was a large photo of a group...

Protesters, lets pay attention

Protesters, let’s pay attention

Luke Schneider February 2, 2019

As the leaders of the Women’s March sparked controversy, left-wing activists had to decide if they were willing to reconcile the anti-Semitic messages of the leaders with the liberal values of the march...

Appreciate dont appropriate

Appreciate don’t appropriate

Casey Kim February 2, 2019

Though Ariana Grande’s latest single “7 Rings” may have landed a place on Spotify’s Global Top 50 playlist, it also landed the artist in a pool of angry listeners that have accused her of culturally...

Illustration by Lauren Nehorai 20.

Shifting Focus: How Technology Affects Students on Campus

Tammer Bagdasarian January 30, 2019

Under the dim light of his desk lamp, Kevin Kroh ’20 sat restlessly, his eyes darting back and forth between his phone and his textbook. No longer able to sit still, he instinctively reached out toward...

Dear Saba: have faith

Dear Saba: have faith

Saba Nia December 13, 2018

Dear Unaware Saba, Today was not an extraordinary day. And neither was yesterday. It hurts to admit it to you, but not every moment is out of a John Hughes movie or a mystery novel. Life oscillates between...

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