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Fighting against performative activism

Hannah Shahidi, Assistant News Editor December 18, 2023

“Health insurance in the United States is bullsh*t.” “Things you didn’t know were rape culture.” “What is genocide?" Painted in pastel colors, these phrases dominate our social media feeds....

Apps falling out of an iPhone

Digital Detox

Georgia Grad, Assistant Features Editor December 13, 2023

It was tech week for the school musical. Lights had to be set up. Costumes had to be fitted. Microphones needed to be adjusted. As the days seemed endless, Maya Ray ’25 was overwhelmed with a massive...

Recognize social medias role in politics

Recognize social media’s role in politics

Eden Conner, Assistant Opinions Editor September 21, 2023

On Nov 4, 2008, the Americans who signed up for former President Barack Obama’s text updates received a final message: “All of this happened because of you. Thanks, Barack.” Obama was the first...

HW Athletics introduces new student-run social media team

Karsten Cole and Nathan Wang September 21, 2023

Harvard-Westlake Athletics created the Student Social Media Team to give students a chance to create and post content for the school's social media accounts. Sophomores, juniors and seniors are able to...

Social Swap

Vasilia Yordanova October 13, 2021

As Jayden Huang ’23 sorted through racks of clothing at a thrift store looking for items that fit his unique style, he noticed pieces from notorious fast fashion brand Shein lining the racks; all of...



Leo Saperstein August 30, 2021

        Staring in the mirror, Irene Bae ’24 said she could not recognize herself behind her makeup and new clothes. As she looked down, her hands shot toward her phone,...

Credit: Caroline Jacoby/Chronicle

Gen-Z, in the Affirmation Age

Keira Jameson and Katharine Steers October 25, 2020

In today’s increasingly polarized ideological world, groupthink is often preferred to any real exploration and exchange of ideas. When we only interact with like-minded people, our opinions are confirmed...

Charity: for college or community?

Alec Rosenthal October 20, 2020

Student-run charities are springing up left and right in our school community. However, it is easy to question the authenticity of giving back to the community amidst the presence of college applications,...

The Truth: Tied to Technology

Editorial Board October 20, 2020

Then school starts, and we receive our daily doses of disheveled bed head and pajama tops via Zoom. For almost a quarter of each day, we sit facing the screen, filling breaks with TikTok, Snapchat and...

Students created several Instagram accounts such as @hw.confessions and @hw.compliments. Some of the created accounts spread gossip about students and teachers while others are supported by many students as they share positive coments about their peers. Credit: Alexa Druyanoff/Chronicle

Students create controversial Instagram pages

Sandra Koretz and Claire Conner October 19, 2020

Students created several anonymous Instagram accounts dedicated to posts about their peers and teachers in recent weeks. Accounts such as @hw.confessions posted rumors and negative messages about students,...

Whats The Buzz? How Students and Faculty Get Their News

What’s The Buzz? How Students and Faculty Get Their News

Anusha Mathur March 20, 2019

Coco Kaleel ’20 sighed when she heard her morning alarm go off on her nightstand. She rolled over on her side, picked up her phone and opened up Daily Mail on the Snapchat Discover Page. Kaleel tapped...

Its a Match! : Student Usage of Tinder

It’s a Match! : Student Usage of Tinder

Lauren Nehorai January 30, 2019

Noah* ’19 scrolled through his camera roll, looking carefully for the perfect profile photo. He decided on a photo with a big smile to make him look friendly, some stubble to make him look older and...

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