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A Big Request: Teacher Recommendation Letters

A Big Request: Teacher Recommendation Letters

Tammer Bagdasarian May 2, 2019

When Luke Rowen ’19 first picked up a deck of “Magic: The Gathering” cards as a junior in math teacher Andy Stout’s Design and Data Structures class, he was not thinking about college recommendations....

Ode to the throne

Casey Kim May 1, 2019

Beware. Spoilers ahead.Season 3. Episode 9. Lively music and welcoming toasts fill the atmosphere of Lord Walder Frey’s great dining hall as members of the Northern army, led by House Stark, enjoy a...

Our fifth quarter culture

Lindsay Wu May 1, 2019

There are 36 days until summer, according to one of my classmates. Though he has announced the latest count after each eighth period math class since October, the end of the school year is now almost...

A Case for Integrity

A Case for Integrity

Chronicle Staff March 21, 2019

On March 12, the Federal Bureau of Investigation indicted over 30 parents across the country, in addition to college coaches and a college counselor, on charges including mail fraud, tax fraud and bribery....

HWSAA begins a new initiative to connect current students and alumni

Casey Kim March 2, 2019

The Student Alumni Association initiated a new digital, community-building program that connects current seniors with alumni to help students reduce stress during the college admissions process and the...

Senioritis: don’t let it catch you

Senioritis: don’t let it catch you

Lucas Gelfond December 13, 2018

Senioritis, noun. An illness afflicting second semester seniors that renders them incapable of completing their work or engaging in their classes as usual. Our school seems to have a particularly dramatic...

Photo Illustration by Sam Ko '19.

Here Comes the Signs: Protests of the 60s Compared to Now

Kyra Hudson November 15, 2018

When Francine Werner ‘68 thinks back to her years at the then-Westlake School for Girls, she said she recalls the cultural phenomenon of the Beatles and the British Invasion, the counterculture movement...

Electing to Make Change

Electing to Make Change

Chronicle Staff November 15, 2018

As students joined the long lines outside of their local schools and community centers, they prepared to vote. After long months of waiting and scanning news articles, they were finally ready to engage...

Dear Saba: Stop Stressing

Dear Saba: Stop Stressing

Saba Nia October 4, 2018

Dear “Stressed Out” Saba, Today is the one-year anniversary of my grandfather’s death. I had my first history test of the year, so naturally, my focus was directed toward this perceived “life-or-death”...

Speaking on behalf of ASiA

Speaking on behalf of ASiA

Alison Oh October 4, 2018

This past Monday, Lisa See addressed the school during an all-school assembly. See is a multiple times New York Times bestselling author, with years of leadership in the local Chinese-American community...

Photo Illustration by Nicole Kim and Alena Rubin

United We Dream: In the In Between

Alena Rubin February 27, 2018

Máté Major ’18 likes routine. During the school week, he wakes up at 6 a.m., battles traffic on the 101 in his 2007 Honda (“the village donkey”), goes to his classes and goes home. He might go...

Photo Illustration by Kate Schrage and Kristin Kuwada

No Strings Attached: Discussing the reality of “hook-up culture”

Danielle Spitz November 20, 2017

Wearing skin-tight leggings and a low-cut tank top, Amanda* ‘18 tugged at her shirt to try to cover up. But after “hooking up” with a senior boy at a party, her outfit wasn’t the only choice that...

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