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Elections, Claire-ified

Claire Conner August 26, 2021

When students submit their ballots for prefect elections in the spring, they will make two reasonable assumptions: their votes will be counted, and the candidates with the highest number of votes will...

Maximizing Minimum Wage Momentum

Claire Conner June 15, 2021

Much has happened since July 24, 2009. Osama bin Laden was killed by U.S. Navy SEALs; America elected its first Black president to a second term; same-sex marriage became legal in all 50 states; 195 nations...

Tucker Carlson is a Fox News commentator who appears nightly on his own prime-time show.

A call for journalistic integrity

Julian Andreone February 14, 2021

As I left Zoom French class Jan. 6, I learned that rioters had stormed the United States Capitol building. Our cherished icon of American democracy suffered this intrusion from insurrectionists who pillaged...

Credit: Caroline Jacoby/Chronicle

Writing in defense of our democracy

Julian Andreone December 11, 2020

Our history textbooks characterize the United States government as the prime example of democracy, but if students examine its current state, they will find that Trumpian era politics embody the opposite. With...

Tick Tock, Trump’s on the Clock

Sarah Mittleman August 27, 2020

Days before President Trump’s Tulsa Rally, millions of users on TikTok banded together to troll the event by registering for it and not showing up. Just a month after photos of the humiliatingly sparse...

Illustration by Alexa Druyanoff

An authoritarian rise

Ethan Lachman June 4, 2020

With little regard for the “checks and balances” principle written into the U.S. Constitution, President Donald Trump declared the authority of the president “total” on April 13. Although he reversed...

The dire need for impeachment

The dire need for impeachment

Emma Shapiro December 11, 2019

After years of testing his executive power through numerous corruption scandals, Trump is finally under investigation for engaging in an illegal quid-pro-quo with Ukraine. With the 2020 election fast...

Credit: Lauren Nehorai/Chronicle

Integrating Immigration: Anti-Immigrant Policies and Rhetoric Hit Close to Home

Sophie Haber August 29, 2018

Blue, red and white lights flashed in front of Xenia Bernal ’19, blurred by the tears that swelled in her eyes. Bernal, a first generation Mexican-American, was in the backseat of a car driving through...

Speaking out: BLACC to host youth activism event

Kaitlin Musante January 13, 2018

The Black Leadership Awareness and Culture Club aims to spark forward-thinking discussions on the current political climate and encourage students to take action at a conference Jan 15. The conference...

Hugh Hewitt speaks to students, faculty and staff about his book, The Happiest Life. Credit: Pavan Tauh/Chronicle

Pundit Hugh Hewitt discusses ‘The Happiest Life’

Sophie Haber November 6, 2017

The first guest speaker to voice conservative political viewpoints on campus, Emmy Award-winning radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt, discussed his book, “The Happiest Life” at an all school assembly...

Kissing Trump goodbye: alumni launch anti-Trump cosmetics line

Danielle Spitz February 27, 2017

Ken Grodin ’13 has transformed makeup application into an act of defiance. Reacting to President Donald Trump’s plans to defund Planned Parenthood and other women’s health resources, the alum founded...

Photo Illustration by Nicole Kim and Kristin Kuwada

De-fundamental Rights: How Defunding Planned Parenthood Will Affect Students

Danielle Spitz February 18, 2017

Three minutes passed, and a faded pink positive sign started to appear. Paralyzed with disbelief, Addison* ’17 rethought her entire future and her life as she knew it. Teen pregnancy had always seemed...

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