Venture hosts M13 partner


Credit: Natasha Speiss/Chronicle

Natasha Speiss

HW Venture hosted M13 partner and head of Launchpad Anna Barber (P ’25) as a guest speaker Feb. 10 in continuation of their speaker series.

Barber presented on how she got into entrepreneurship, the process in founding a startup and what makes a great company. M13 is a venture capital firm that invests in consumer startups and focuses on developing ideas and the first rounds of financing. Launchpad, the section of M13 Barber runs, centers on building startups from scratch.

Barber is also the former CEO of Scribble Press, an app that lets children create their own stories. Barber said she met her Scribble Press business partner on an airplane, and they decided to go into business together in the middle of the flight.

“If I hadn’t picked up my head from my book, and not talked to the person sitting next to me, I would’ve missed out on that amazing opportunity,” Barber said. “I think the best decision people can make is to follow their curiosity.”

Barber said she believes acting on one’s curiosity is the key to success in entrepreneurship.

Barber said she believes the best entrepreneurs are driven by curiosity, committed to making the world a better place and aren’t afraid to take risks.

“Entrepreneurs create a better future,” Barber said. “I approach everything I do with humility because I’m here to get it right, not to be right. I appreciate working with other people who have that same kind of openness.”

Venture Head of Workshop Events and Club Co-Lead Ryan Pinsker ’23 said that it was inspiring to know that Barber chooses the companies she works with based on the curiosity of the entrepreneurs.

“[Barber] shone light on the fact that entrepreneurs’ goals isn’t to make money, but to make the world a better place,” Pinsker said. “A lot of people think that business owners are in it just for the money, but that’s not true at all.”

Barber said she enjoys supporting those who are passionate and determined in their work.

Barber said her favorite part of her job is hearing other people’s visions for how to solve important problems and helping them on their journeys.

“When [my former business partner] told me her idea [about Scribble Press], the hair on my arm rose up,” Barber said. “I just knew that this idea had to exist, and I was the person that had to do it. When I hear a founder that has that same kind of conviction and drive, that’s what gets me excited.”