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    Playwrights Festival

    All of Me at Once

    by Jensen McRae ’15

    “The basic premise is that it is set in the mind of a 16-year-old girl named Faith; most of the characters are physical manifestations of thought, be it Emotion, Sense of Humor or any other part of the mind. The plot revolves around how these parts of the mind interact with each other and how they interact with exterior forces that disrupt the natural order of things.”

    American Pie

    by Rebecca Katz ’15

    “My play is dialogue-based, and it’s just a simple two person play about two neighbors, a boy and a girl, who are very different but bond over the small town they live in, the deep South, music and family matters and learn one another’s views. My inspiration came from both the book ‘All The Pretty Horses’ and the show ‘Friday Night Lights’ and just exploration of the South, small towns and America in general.”


    by Aiyana White ’14

    “It’s about four people who are strangers in an airport, talking about their fears. Barophobia is the fear of gravity. A sentence popped into my head, and I decided I wanted to write a play that included the sentence, ‘When a child screams for his mother because there’s a monster in his closet, what does the mother say? Go back to sleep.’”

    Bedtime Stories

    by Marianne Verrone ’15

    “My play is about the literary characters Holden Caulfield, Jay Gatsby, Juliet Capulet and Bella Swan coming to life and contemplating their roles as characters in books. I was inspired by the books themselves. I wondered what would happen if the main characters ever met each other, and as a result, I came up with the idea for my play.”


    by Hannah Dains ’16

    “My play, ‘Concrete,’ is told in monologues from survivors of a bridge collapse. None of the survivors know why the bridge collapsed — in the end, it is revealed that the disaster was caused by a girl who wanted to jump off the bridge, and before she jumped, she removed a bolt from the side, triggering the collapse.”


    by Kenneth Noble ’16

    “It is 1969 Belfast, Ireland. Cináed is in a moral dilemma between the life he knows and the life he wants, the man he is and the man he wants to be. His conflicts and considerations come into focus through his relationships with his girlfriend, brother and God.”

    Ghost Girl

    by Covi Brannan ’15

    “‘Ghost Girl’ is a drama about a girl and a boy, separated by death, who reunite one last time to confront the earthly divide that separated them. I began writing ‘Ghost Girl’ last year soon after my friend Justin Carr ’14 passed away. I guess it was just my attempt to sort through all my emotions and frustration over not getting to say goodbye.”


    by Chloe Shi ’16

    “The plot of ‘Mock-Up’ [is] a bit strange. My play doesn’t just break the fourth wall, it kind of leaps through like one might jump through a window with background music and dramatic shattering glass. It’s about a playwright writing about a play that’s still in rehearsal with an outspoken audience and irrational director.”

    The Prince

    by Tom Thorne ’14

    “‘The Prince’ tells the story of a Renaissance royal court and its internal dynamics. It presents the themes of familial dysfunction, the corrosive effects of violence and the narrow lines between personal relationships and political tactics in the corridors of power.”

    The Soul Doctor

    by Dylan Schifrin ’16

    “It’s about a doctor who pursues the new medical field of soul transplants. His patient, Harold, is a distant man whom the doctor determines to have lost his soul. Harold’s wife, Mindy, is worried about him and is willing to do whatever it takes to cure her husband.”

    What You’re Dealt

    by Jeremy Bradford ’14

    “[It’s] the story of the unlikely friendship that grows between the San Francisco-born Casey and the Tuscaloosa-born Benjamin as well as the challenges they face as they endeavor to reconcile their differences and achieve a greater respect of one another.”


    by Alex Haney ’14

    “My play, ‘Whodunnit?,’ is a farcical murder mystery starting with the mysterious murder of a rich aristocrat in a New Orleans mansion. It could either be his wife, stepson, maid or chef. As two oddball detectives learn more and more clues, the question becomes more and more exasperating: Whodunnit?!”

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