On the gridiron with Henry Schlossberg ’13 and Thomas Oser ’13

Luke Holthouse


Henry Schlossberg’s ’13 and Thomas Oser’s ’13 work on both the offensive and defensive lines has helped the football team start the season 5-1 and put the team in a position to make the playoffs for the first time since 2009.

What roles do you play on the team?

Oser: I’m predominantly an offensive player.  I play offensive line and I’m the center but I really can play anywhere they need me to move. I play a little bit of D-line but that’s in cases where they really need me.

Schlossberg: I’m more of the defensive specialist, but I also play offensive line. We sort of complement each other in that way, one on the defensive line one on the offensive line.

How has the change in coaching staff affected the team?

Oser: I see a lot of times when a team gets a new coach it doesn’t always work out so well the first season. Coach [Scot] Ruggles came in here right away and just laid down the law and let us know what’s going to happen. We took it to heart and coming out 5-1 in the first six games is not too bad.

Do you think you will continue to face more rushing based offenses in league?

Schlossberg: There are no more double-league teams on the schedule right now, but there are some great running backs in league like [Chaminade running back] Terrell Newby and Serra’s running back [Anterio Bateman]. There’s definitely some talent in the backfield in league.

How do the offensive lines you’ve faced so far compare to the league teams’ lines you’ll face later this year?

Schlossberg: We’ve faced some good lines with good players, but in league it kind of kicks into a new gear. We are in for a challenge and we are ready for it.

 Do you think the passing attack will be as effective in league as it was before league?

Oser: Absolutely, every week we are getting better. Obviously, we have a strong passing game with Chad Kanoff’13, he’s great. Our first job is to protect him, so we are going to see a lot of defesive fronts. We know we are going to see a lot of different looks and we are going to have to adjust to get that run game going. As long as we can get a good push, we are going to score a lot of points.

Do you think you are legitimate playoff contenders this year?

Schlossberg: Definitely. This class hasn’t gotten to really play true playoff football, so going into every game we have the mindset that this is a must-win game. We’re definitely capable of making the playoffs.