Games of the Trimester showcase fall teams to prospective students

Lizzy Thomas

Five of the lesser-watched fall sports teams put on a show in front of faculty, students and prospective students as part of the Games of the Trimester on Oct. 4.

All five teams won their games, as field hockey defeated Glendora, the varsity, junior varsity and freshmen girls’ volleyball teams each beat their respective Chaminade opponents and varsity boys’ water polo beat Damien.

The first Games of the Trimester took place last spring, with a faculty Game of the Trimester.

The second installment of the program saw 58 faculty members in attendance at the games, enticed in part by free tacos.

The event grew to add an admissions component, as applicants and their families were invited to attend.

More than 240 students and their family members attended the games, Head of Athletics Terry Barnum said.

“We are strongly considering making the admissions component an annual event,” Barnum said.

By at least one athlete’s estimation, the larger crowds helped the teams’ performances.

“The fact that we finally had fans, not just parents, definitely played a huge role in the game,” field hockey player Annie Wasserman ’13 said. “We were all excited to have a pretty good turn out, so we put in 100 percent of our effort in the game to represent our school and beat our biggest rival in the league.”

The Student-Athlete Advisory Council helped organize the event, handing out  T-shirts as well as putting together a competition during halftime of the field hockey game that included current and prospective students.

“We got four contestants lined up on the field at the 50-yard line,” SAAC member Natalie Florescu ’13 said. “The students had to run five yards forward, put on a field hockey skirt, then run five more yards and put on goggles, run five more yards to pick up a field hockey stick and then get a ball and hit it into the goal.”

A student applying for a spot in next year’s seventh grade class won the competition, earning a SAAC “We Are H-W” shirt as a prize. Both the winter and spring athletic trimesters will feature their own Games of the Trimester.