Baseball team beats St. Francis High School and Loyola High School in two separate series

Danny Johnson

The baseball team played two series’ over the course of the last two weeks, winning one against St. Francis High School and one against Loyola High School.

Series against St. Francis High School: 

In its first series against St. Francis, the squad went 2-1 while outsourcing the Golden Knights by a margin of 10-3 during the three games played. These two wins mark a strong bounce-back for the Wolverines after losing the final game of the St. Francis series a week prior in a close defeat. Neither team had notched a run all game until the bottom of the eighth inning, when the Knights finally broke the stalemate and scored, winning the game. 

Series against Loyola High School: 

The baseball team beat the Loyola Cubs 3-0 in its most recent series. On April 20, the Wolverines won 4-0 and came back even stronger the next day with an even larger shutout. 

Pitcher Tommy Bridges ‘24, threw a great game for the team, throwing six strikeouts and only allowing three hits in his six innings pitched. Jordan Kang ’22 and Jacob Galloway ’22 lead the team on the offensive side of the ball. They each went 2-3 batting with two RBI’s a piece.

On April 23, the Wolverines exited the field with an 11-0 victory, officially sweeping the Loyola Cubs in their series. The team didn’t allow a single run to the Cubs in all three of the games, with the scoring margin of the series finishing up at 22-0.

The team looks to continue its season on the road at Crespi Carmelite High School on April 27.