Lacrosse falters in first test against Oak Park 13-11

Although Alex Weber is the fourth varsity lacrosse coach in four years, the Wolverines have begun to effectively implement his philosophy.

Weber preaches hard work, team cooperation and enjoying the game.

Despite suffering a loss to Oak Park on March 8, the Wolverines have started to reflect Weber’s goals.

The Wolverines entered halftime with half the goals of the opposing team, and momentum shifting towards the Eagles.

The Wolverines stormed back, tying the game at 9-9 after the third period.

The Wolverines battled until the final whistle, but lost 13-11.

Players say Weber’s coaching has been a positive change for the team.

“I think we will be a lot more focused on and off the field and overall we are a better team,” Jack Temko ‘14 said.

“Coach Weber has brought a more serious attitude towards the team,” Temko said. “Our old coach was a little too relaxed sometimes and Weber is very serious when he has to be and when it’s time to joke around he’s ready to do that too. Overall he’s a very great coach and is working really hard with us.”

Noah Pompan ’14 agrees that Weber’s attitude has been beneficial.

“Coach Weber has been phenomenal. He has actually been an assistant coach since my freshman year. He is simply amazing, he puts in great plays, and has made practice much more intense, but also much more fun,” the midfielder said.

Weber says he is encouraged by the team’s admirable effort in practices.

“I’m most excited about the higher level of intensity in practice. That is when the game is most fun to play, and I know it will only continue to grow for us,” he said.

The Wolverines’ other two games were a home 19-0 rout of Royal High School and a 10-7 road victory over the Beverly Hills Normans.
Weber says the team has progressed so far this season.

“I’m very pleased with how the team has done thus far. Our effort on a daily basis has been terrific,” Weber said. “We’ve made mistakes in games, but that can happen in the early stage of a season. We are improving each day, and building something special.”

“We had some mental breakdowns at key moments in our Oak Park game. In a tight game like that, that can be the determining factor, and it was,” Weber said. “I know our guys will make the right decisions when those plays happen again. We’re on a great path right now, and we need to keep bringing a focused, intense effort each day.”

The result of the Wolverines’ first league game, a matchup with the rival Loyola Cubs at Ted Slavin Field on Tuesday, March 12 was not available as of press time.

The Wolverines will look to continue their team oriented play to win their third straight Mission League Championship.