Art seniors visit workplace of teacher

Jivani Gengatharan

The first thing Bea DyBuncio ’13 noticed as she took in her surroundings at her former art teacher John Luebtow’s home was the abundance of original artwork.

DyBuncio was one of the students in the Directed Study in Ceramics and Glass class, taught by visual arts teacher Dylan Palmer, that visited Luebtow’s home on April 19 to look at parts of the glass sculpture that will be installed in between Taper Gym and Munger Science Center as a tribute to President Tom Hudnut.

Since the piece has not been assembled, students were only able to see a miniature version of the sculpture and parts of the final sculpture.

Luebtow also gave students a tour of his house, which he and his wife designed with pieces of furniture that he made.

All students in the Directed Study class had Luebtow for a different class in 10th or 11th grade.

Since the majority of the students in the Directed Studies class have proven their dedication to art by taking art courses for all three years at the Upper School, Luebtow invited them.

“I talked to them about what it takes to be an artist and what it takes to be committed, regardless of the profession,” Luebtow said.

He hoped that these students would be able to see the products of a life devoted to art through the field trip.

“If we could all live a part of Mr. Luebtow’s life, I think we would just be happy,” DyBuncio said.