Auto and Motorsports Club hosts watch party


Printed with permission of Gabe Glassman

Gabe Glassman ’22 and Gus Mingst ’23 stand in front of a vintage red car during their watch party.

Grant Park

Members of the Auto and Motorsports Club displayed cars and socialized at their first car meet of the year and attended a Formula One watch party on Oct. 22. Formula One, also known as F1, is the international auto racing event for single-seater formula race cars.

Club leader Gabe Glassman ’22 said he enjoyed seeing club members interact with other attendees in a casual atmosphere.

“[It was] not an official meet, but it had a great turnout, and we were able to see some great cars,” Glassman said. “After the event in Malibu, we had a [Formula One] race viewing at my house which was also very fun.”

Gus Mingst ’22, who regularly attends car meets, said he enjoyed exploring a common passion with his peers while watching the F1 races.

“The watch party was great because F1 races usually take place in Europe, where time zones make the viewing hours very difficult to catch,” Mingst said. ” Because this race was in Texas, we could all watch it together in the afternoon.”

Braden Poon ’22, who also attended the watch party, said that he was pleased to see one of his favorite racers, Max Verstappen, win at the event.

“It was nice to see the growing popularity of Formula 1 in the United States through the [number] of fans at the Grand Prix,” Poon said. “I am a fan of Max Verstappen and so I was also happy that he won.”

According to Glassman, the Auto and Motorsports Club is designed for all car and racing enthusiasts. The club will be organizing meet-ups, drives, and charity events as well as discussions about car trends throughout the school year.

Glassman said that the club will host another event very soon and he hopes new members will attend.

“[The Auto and Motorsports Club] welcomes anyone,” Glassman said. “[The Club] is very inclusive and we are open to providing information for anyone.”