Equestrian begins its season


Park jumps in the Handy Hunter Class

Allegra Drago and Will Sherwood

The equestrian team participated in the Interscholastic Equestrian League on Nov. 7. Team captain Cosette Shamonki ’23 won champion in the overall dressage competition category. Five members of the team competed in a combination of the hunter, jumper and dressage classes.

Through her role as captain, Shamonki said she hopes to promote team chemistry and unity.

“I’d like to get more people supporting each other,” Shamonki said. “It’s difficult since we are an individual sport. We’re all focused on ourselves, our times and our horses and our scores.”

Shamonki said her horse, Breitling, was important to her success in the competition.

“We went into the arena working to get the best score that we could, which can sometimes be difficult because sometimes my horse and I disagree on what works best,” Shamonki said.

Rider Ava Park ’24 said she was excited to showcase her skills riding on her new horse, Lykke Li-Terma Z.

“I competed in working, the Handy Hunter, the equitation over fences and then the equitation flat,” Park said. “They all went pretty well, our best round was the equitation over fences.”

Park said she was disappointed that her horse, Lykke Li-Terma Z, could not compete in the Junior Varsity Medal after she was injured during the equitation flat.

“We had to scratch [the Junior Varsity Medal] because my horse was not feeling that great,” Park said. “It might have been the footing [in the arena], but she also wasn’t feeling great the day before, so it was best not have my horse compete in the tournament while she is possible injured.”

Shamonki said she was glad to be back in the arena representing the school since quarantine.

“We haven’t had a competition since the pandemic, so I’m glad to return to the sport alongside my peers,” Shamonki said.